Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Case Studies of Best Practices - Career Life Fit Programs

Annotation for Case Studies

The next four blog entries provide a review of four places of employment that have incorporated career life fit programs into their culture. I selected the four companies because each represents a different type of work environment. The first case features The MITRE Corporation, a global not-for-profit with locations in 60 countries. The second case presents the Detroit Chamber of Commerce, the largest chamber of commerce in the United States. The third case is the University of South Carolina, a large public educational institution and the fourth is a Florida area corporation called Tech Data, a global distributor of information technology, with over 90,000 customers and annual sales of over $21 million as of its last fiscal year.

The case studies for MITRE Corporation, The Detroit Chamber of Commerce and the University of South Carolina were compiled by the Sloan Work and Family Network, Boston College. The case study for Tech Data Corporation, is my independent work that involved contacting the company and interviewing people in the human resources department and employees who have accessed the resources available through the program.

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