Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Case Study – Attracting and Retaining Top Talent -Tech Data Corporation

Summary of the Problem

Tech Data Corporation, founded in 1975, is an international IT distribution firm with 8,000 employees and annual sales of $22 billion during the most recent fiscal year. The Florida based corporation is challenged to attract and retain top talent in a constantly evolving industry. To that end, for as many as fifteen years the company has consistently developed and enhanced programs to support the health and well being of employees by introducing a variety of options to assist in creating work/life balance. Most of the benefits are not remarkable or particularly innovative in their attempt to address the provision of flexible work schedules for many employees. Most of the amenities are exclusive to the Clearwater, Florida location and include on site dry cleaning and laundry services, shoe repair services, an on-call automobile detailing cleaning service, a fitness center, basketball court, a learning library and stipends for use of an independent childcare facility located on the same campus as the head quarters. 

Recognizing Changing Employee Needs

The Flexible Work Arrangements, (FWA) program is aimed at addressing changing employee needs and attracting and retaining younger employees seeking incentives. The FWA has been in place for approximately three years, and provides the opportunity for some employees to request flexible work arrangements. Based on the business needs, not all positions are eligible for the FWA, and there are organizational guidelines around performance requirements for those who apply. Where applicable and approved, the employees can potentially apply for: 
  • 4/80 - Working 4 days a week, for total of 80 hours during a 2 week period 
  • 9/80, with every other week having a day off 
  • Work from home (depending on position, approval, performance and job role, can be eligible to work at home 1 day per week) 
The work from home option presents many variables including one day per week or one day every other week. The benefits from the array of programs for to employees include flexibility to schedule family appointments or to avoid the stress of traffic by working from home in a less stressful environment. The benefit to the company includes greater productivity from employees who are more relaxed, and less distracted which potentially leads to greater productivity. Tech Data also uses the FWA as a recruitment and retention tool particularly for Generation X and millennial candidates who seek employment that fits into their lifestyle rather than fitting their lifestyle into work. Unfortunately this benefit is currently only offered at the corporate location in Clearwater. 

Continuous Evolvement

Tech Data plans to offer self service kiosk sponsored by United Health Care, to provide employees at the corporate headquarters and each of the locations in the United States the ability to monitor vital health and wellness indicators. Employees will also have the option to record and track their blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and weight online and update the information at will. There will also be a representative from UHC on site once each week to address questions from employees regarding healthy living and preventative actions.

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